Toile De Joue Suite

Experience a taste of the past in our Double Canopy Bed suite. The room boasts an authentic 18th century Toile du Joie upholstery, and is decorated with luxurious furnishings that transport you to a more peaceful era.

The suite offers stunning views of the gardens and lake, echoing themes of pastoral tranquility in its delicate hues. Relax in the tall four poster bed, which perfectly complements the other exquisitely chosen pieces of furniture such as the beautiful marble fireplace topped with an ornate mirror. With a vaulted coffered ceiling, paneled wainscot, and polished floors, the suite is simply perfect from top to bottom. In addition to the double canopy bed and ensuite bathroom, the suite also features an annexed double bedroom and a breakfast room with a day bed.

Available for booking


✓  Sleeps 2 guests

✓  King sized canopy bed

✓  Annex double room

✓  Ensuite bathroom

✓  Twin Vanity

✓  Wardrobe

✓  Dressing table

✓  Toiletries

✓  Towels

✓  Hair dryer

✓  Tea and coffee

✓  Includes Breakfast

✓  Plenty of storage

✓  Views of the front gardens

✓  Access to free wi-fi

✓  Free parking

✓  Kids and pets welcome

Price is for bed and breakfast. This suite is included in all wedding packages.

Booking Enquiries

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