The Tower Suite

The Tower Suite is an elegant double bedroom featuring a large en-suite bathroom and a breakfast room with a day bed. This suite is a favorite among brides for the penultimate night before their wedding.

As you enter the room, the modest coffered ceiling and large ornate mirror above the rose marble fireplace catch your eye. The high classic windows offer views of the stunning grounds, while the polished wooden floors and simple yet stylish wall tapestries complement the hand-crafted four poster bed.

The Breakfast room is complete with a seated area where you can enjoy views of the southern garden and a bed for additional guests. The vaulted ceiling adds to the charm of this well-lit room. The Tower’s Bathroom features hand-painted wall coverings above the fireplace that set the tone for the rest of the room.

Equipped with a shower, vanity, toilet, and wardrobe space, this powder room is both functional and elegant. It’s perfect for preparing for the big day or just unwinding after a long day of exploring the chateau.


Available for booking


✓  Sleeps 3 guests

✓  King sized canopy bed

✓  Private bathroom with large shower

✓  Twin Vanity

✓  Wardrobe

✓  Dressing table

✓  Toiletries

✓  Towels

✓  Hair dryer

✓  Breakfast area

✓  Tea and coffee

✓  Includes Breakfast

✓  Plenty of storage

✓  Views of the front gardens

✓  Access to free wi-fi

✓  Free parking

✓  Kids and pets welcome

Price is for bed and breakfast. This suite is included in all wedding packages.

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