Sky Blue

This delightful room exudes tranquility and charm, featuring coffered ceilings, light pastel color themes, and exposed stone walls that make it a guest favorite. The tastefully decorated bathroom includes a shower and vanity, with elegant tiling that adds to the room’s ambiance.

Tall windows offer stunning views of the grounds and the chateau, adding to the room’s allure. An excellent Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the room, ensuring guests stay connected.

Available for booking


✓  Sleeps 2 guests

✓  King sized bed

✓  Ensuite Bathroom

✓  Toiletries

✓  Towels

✓  Hair dryer

✓  Tea and coffee

✓  Includes breakfast

✓  Plenty of storage

✓  Views of the Chateau

✓  Access to free wi-fi

✓  Free parking

✓  Kids and pets welcome

Price is for bed and breakfast. This suite is included in all wedding packages.

Booking Enquiries

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